M. Madan Gopal

I am a typical Sagittarian, emotional, eternal optimist, travel crazy, gregarious, spiritual and natural. Born on 17th December and brought up in small towns in close comfort of loving mother. My childhood wish was either to become a monk or a magician. I don't understand the connection. Love my friends and family, always waiting for some pretext or the other to escape the routine. Lucky to have influence of visionary writer Gudipati Venkata Chalam in my youthful years that lifted lid on my head. Chalam linked me to Ramana Maharshi and Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai. Keen listener of Hindustani Classical music, voracious reader and now addicted to the Himalayas. Travelled to more than 25
countries, met people from various walks of life that gave an unusual insight into human relations.
Despite working in the government for more than two and half decades, retained my sanity and sensitivity, thanks to having strong hobbies like reading, travelling, and most important due to love of understanding friends. When a wave in the ocean hits a boulder, it breaks to rise in the sky becoming vapour to fall into the ocean once again. Talking about myself is like the monologue of the droplet of such a wave. To quote Nisargadatta Maharaj "You are what you are for no fault of yours and I am what I am for no virtue of mine" Welcome to my world.

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